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In the heart of Upper Swabia

The town of Bad Schussenried, with its three districts and 10 localities, currently has a population of 9126 inhabitants. Bad Schussenried is located at an altitude of 570 - 630 metres above sea level, covers a land area of 55.02 km² and is situated between the River Danube, the River Iller and Lake Constance in the heart of Upper Swabia.

The 48th degree of latitude runs right through Bad Schussenried, or the "monastery town" as the locals affectionately call it. Bad Schussenried is on the following major tourist routes: the Upper Swabian Baroque Trail, the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, the Swabian Poets' Trail and the Upper Swabian Mills' Trail.

Serenity and charm

When you visit Upper Swabia, you can sense at once the serenity and charm emanating from the landscape. The Upper Swabian landscape in Bad Schussenried is a mosaic of gently rolling hills, meadows and woodlands, myriad lakes and ponds, and mystical reed and moor scenes, all set against the distant backdrop of the Alps.

Peace and variety

Here, you will find peace and variety - all you need for a healthy and relaxing vacation. Perhaps this is why our region is considered an oasis for the body, mind and soul. Enjoy a relaxing walk or explore the local surroundings by bike. Admire the unspoilt natural beauty. There are many quiet spots to be found by those who take the time to look.