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The Baroque gem of Steinhausen

The Steinhausen Church of Pilgrimage

The Steinhausen Church of Pilgrimage was built between 1728 and 1731 by the famous master architect Dominikus Zimmermann and his brother Johann Baptist Zimmermann. The building was commissioned by Abbot Didacus Ströbele of the Schussenried Premonstratensian Monastery.

The centrepiece is the miraculous Gothic icon of Our Lady of Sorrows, erected in 1415 in the old church that had to yield to the new Baroque building. It stood mounted on a stone column from 1660 until 1728. Church visitors who come to see "Our Dear Lady on the Column" experience a gamut of emotions ranging from silent worship to enthusiastic admiration.

Steinhaus Pilgrimage Museum

featuring an exhibition entitled "I want to lead a godly life"Testimonies of Christian devotion and piety from the Baroque era to the present day.The Old Smithy in Steinhausen opposite the Steinhausen Church of Pilgrimage.

Information:Telefonnummer: 07583 2713

The Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route

Steinhausen is located on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route which runs from Nuremberg via Nördlingen, Ulm and Biberach and continues via Bad Waldsee, Weingarten, Einsiedeln and Le Puy .... to Santiago in Spain.