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Cittaslow - the international network of cities where living is easy

"Towns inhabited by people still curious about old times, abounding with open spaces, theatres, shops, cafes, restaurants, spiritual places, original scenery, fascinating craft traditions where people appreciate the beauty of slow living, the changes of the seasons, the genuineness of products, the spontaneity of customs, flavour and health..."


Bad Schussenried was the tenth town to be admitted to the network established in April 2010. The aims are:

Sustainable environmental policy

  • Promotion of innovative technology
  • Conservation of natural resources
  • Regionally compatible concepts
  • Increased energy efficiency

Characteristic urban structure

  • Town history as development potential
  • Careful urban renewal
  • Sustainable urban development


  • Quality-oriented gastronomy
  • Maintenance of twin town relations
  • Cosmopolitanism and cordiality

Culture and traditions

  • Preservation of regional character
  • Promotion of events
  • Preservation of cultural heritage

Typical cultural landscape

  • Preservation of the diversity of flora and fauna
  • Preservation of characteristic traits
  • Showcasing the beauty of the landscape

Typical regional products

  • Preservation of traditional manufacture
  • Promotion of natural production processes
  • Short distances

Regional markets

  • Promotion of direct marketing
  • Promotion of weekend markets
  • Creation of regional economic cycles

Building awareness

  • Cultivation of taste and the senses
  • Promotion of regional identity


For the third time, a Specialities Market will be held on the park promenade of the Neue Kloster in Bad Schussenried on June 30 2011 from 18.00 until 22.00 pm. As in previous years, attention has again been paid to variety.Whether you want to try out escargots, chocolate, fish, vegetables, etc., or simply watch the craft demonstrations, there is something for everyone.

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